After the Wedding Bells

Now that wedding is over, it is time to build your marriage!

The book “After the Wedding Bells: Laying a strong foundation for a healthy marriage” will help newlywed couples to get an¬†excellent start in their relationship by addressing foundational matters of marriage and instruct how to avoid common pitfalls of newly marrieds. It will provide couples insights into marital and relational dynamics from an Asian context while averting common marital landmines and how to develop a spiritual perspective on marital relationship.
Whether you had an arranged or love marriage, this is an easy read, practical book with fun projects to help you build strong and healthy marriage. This is a field tested guide with Biblical wisdom, marital foresight and pragmatic skills that can help couples develop a commitment towards a lifelong marriage.
Get started right and get started well. Gain understanding and avoid blunders newlyweds make. Your marriage will flourish. Remember, early marriage will shape the trajectory of your entire marriage and family life.

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