Endorsements – After the Wedding Bells


Just as thousands of youngsters richly benefited by the marriage preparation guide – “Before the Wedding Bells”, this sequel “After the Wedding Bells” is sure to be a blessing to newly married couples. It is written for a South Asian cultural perspective and indispensable resource to get marriage right from the start and rooted in Christ. This book brings out varied experience of Sam and Mary in helping newlyweds and would be a blessing to many marriages in the days to come.
Dr. PC Mathew and Ciby Mathew, Urban India Ministries and Family Mission Center, Bangalore

Before tying the knot, you may think you are marrying someone who loves you. Soon afterwards you discover that you have married a sinner, just as you are. ‘How can two sinners live happily ever after” is the great challenge of marriage. Read this book to find out so that your wedding bells does not stop ringing!
Vishal and Ruth Mangalwadi, Author, Speaker and Christian Philosopher


Modern family is in transition and we must be greatly concerned about the plight of our families and this book, “After the Wedding Bells”, is an outcome of such a burden and dire need. I appreciate Sam and Mary’s earnestness to reach out to many young lives who are entering the office of Holy Matrimony without much thought and preparation. We must resolve that the strength and sanctity of Christian families are assured. Let us recapture the ‘human face’ in our communications and relationships and bring creativity and covenantal love to all our social engagements. I pray that this book will help many to build Biblically sound, theologically correct and socially acceptable family relationships to be a Kingdom community of faith, hope and love.
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos, Adoor Diocesan Bishop of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church

The sequel to “Before the Wedding Bells”, aptly named “After the Wedding Bells”, will help ensure that marriage has no “shelf life”.  The various stages of marriage when the “true person” awakens, are superbly covered with practical examples. May the Almighty God shower his blessings on Sam & Mary George and make this book a huge success.
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan Bangalore Diocese of the Malankra Orthodox Syrian Church.

To get married is a wonderful blessing from God; to get going in a lasting and fulfilling marriage is a greater wonder and more valuable gift from God that refreshes the couple and brings glory to God himself. ‘Before the wedding bells’ there must be careful preparations, and ‘after the wedding bells,’ diligent and conscientious practical life. It’s here, in their After the Wedding Bells, Drs. Sam and Mary George, a wonderful, passionate and God-fearing couple, bless the newly wedded couples with insights, principles, and practical tips that would help them to have a lasting, fulfilling, and refreshing family life. A must read for all those who are married.
Bishop Dr. C.V. Mathew, Presiding Bishop, St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India

In light of unprecedented breakup of marriages in India, Sam & Mary George have written a much-needed book for the Indian families and churches. It takes into account seriously the contemporary challenges facing marriages as well as the cultural context of family in India. This is a must-read for all newly married couples, pastors, parents and counselors.
Rev. Dr. Richard Howell, General Secretary Asia Evangelical Alliance and Executive Secretary EFI Council of Churches, New Delhi.

Delighted to see the publication of next book of Sam and Mary:”Laying Strong Foundation for Healthy Marriage”.  The first year of marriage is very crucial to build strong, secure and healthy family.  This book with marvelous biblical insights, inputs and practical tips would help young couples to build their families on a strong foundation.  We pray that many couples are touched and transformed.
Dr. J.N. Manokaran, South Asia Regional Director, Community Bible Study International.

One of the most destructive features of the post-modern culture is the breakdown of marriage including Christian marriage. It is not a phenomenon affecting the Western World uniquely as many might assume. The power of globalization has made heavy inroads into even some of the most conservative cultures such as India and is causing the collapse of marriage everywhere especially among the educated couple. The statistics of escalation in broken marriages within a short span of tying the nuptial knots is alarming. Living in a dysfunctional family has become a common human experience to many. Young Christian couples in USA are deeply affected by the rapidly changing culture around them. Marriage must be saved. And this is what this book is all about. Drs. Sam and Mary George are extremely qualified and equipped to address the subject based on their several years of constant research on the subject as well as their intense experience in marriage counseling, both before and after the wedding bells. This is a book all married people, especially the younger ones who seek to build strong healthy marriage relationship must read.
Rev. Martin Alphonse Ph.D., Pastor and Adjunct Professor of Intercultural and Global Studies
Multnomah University, Portland, Oregon USA

Drs. Sam and Mary George’s “After the Wedding Bells” is a welcome sequel to their earlier best-seller “Before the Wedding Bells”. This interactive volume provides ANY couple with foundational insights and practical pointers to navigate the realities of the marriage journey beyond their marriage vows and honeymoon. Married couples are invited to study and work through together the reflective exercises to ensure a maturing relationship and an enriching life together.
Rev. Dr. T.V. Thomas, Chairman, Lausanne’s Global Diaspora Network (GDN)

God’s design for a healthy Christian marriage and godly home stood the test time. Following the Biblical standards will ensure a stable home in which husband and wife are together for a lifetime and where children are raised for the glory of God. Sam and Mary portrayed these foundational truths with practical insight and cultural relevance. This is an excellent resource book to nurture your marriage. A must read!
Dr. Joseph Paturi, President, TransWorld Ministries, USA

This book gets to the heart of building a healthy marriage for newlyweds and takes head on challenges such as couple adjustments, marital communication, conflict resolution and dealing with in-laws. How I wished we had a guide like this when we got married!
Ram Gidoomal, CBE, Chairman, South Asia Concern, London, UK

Many couples enter marriage assuming that the hormonal bliss during dating time will continue in auto pilot after the wedding. Unfortunately, they face a rude awakening to the reality of life together and end up struggling with much despair. AWB by Sam and Mary George is a much needed resource with practical tools and lessons from real couples that will help couples to realize they are not alone and guide them to resolve and strengthen their marriage and family.
Hypein Im, CPA, MDiv, Korean Christian Community Development

After the Wedding Bells, written by Sam and Mary George, is a much needed book providing practical, wise advice for newly-weds. With chapters on resolving conflicts, managing money, and preparing for family, it will provide a solid foundation for any couple.
Russell Jeung, PhD, Professor, Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University, USA.

We highly recommend Sam and Mary’s honesty as they explore real marriage through the blunders, bust-ups and broken nights! This book equips every couple who wants a robust, exciting and Life-giving Marriage, with tools to make that relationship happen.
Rod and Ruthie Gilbert, Authors of “Marriage Masala” and “Family Falooda”

The transition of learning to live as a married couple can be fraught with many surprising struggles. Those who invest their time and energy during this early period will reap the benefits for years to come.  Fortunately, with their extensive research and counseling experience, Sam and Mary George have given us a book to help couples navigate this very strategic period of their marriage.
Daniel D. Lee, PhD, Director, Asian American Center, Fuller Theological Seminary, Psasdena, CA.

Everyone wants to get married, but staying married has become a big challenge these days. When something goes wrong, the world says, “Just walk away”. Sam and Mary in their Sequel, “AFTER THE WEDDING BELLS” have beautifully brought out that, marriage is for a life time. They have brought great insights from their years of experience of counseling couples. What we like best about this book is its strong Biblical-basis. The book covers almost all areas of a married life. It is also simple, practical and has the power to inspire and transform our attitudes and performance.
Rev. C. A. Benjamin and Kamala Benjamin, FEBA India, Bangalore, India.

After premarital counseling and the wedding, I invite young couples to post marriage sessions to encourage them in their new lives.  I compare the meetings as “oil changes” since regular car maintenance guarantees longevity which is the hope for every married couple.  This resource by Sam and Mary George is a God answered prayer and help for pastors who are investing in the health of young marriages.  I look forward to using “After the Wedding Bells” as the primary tool for the regular marital “oil change”.
Stephen Na, Pastor, Community Church of Great Neck, New York.


It has been my privilege to be an eye witness to the impact of Dr. Sam George’s book, “Before the Wedding Bells.” I have given copies of that book to engaged young couples and heard great stories about how it opened their eyes to many areas they never thought about before. I am sure his new book, “After the Wedding Bells,” will be equally impactful and will help young families to establish godly households.
Sunny Philip, Pastor in NYC in May 2017