Sam George, PhD serves as the Executive Director of PARIVAR International (, a family organization committed to serving the needs of Asian Indian youth, family and communities worldwide. Mary George, PhD worked in the pharmaceutical research industry for two decades and is now involved in the ministry of Parivar. They have been married for nearly two decades and are parents of two boys. They make their home in the northern suburb of Chicago, USA and are actively involved with families in India and Indian diaspora worldwide. Sam has spoken at marriage preparation and enrichment events in India, North America and other parts of the world. Sam George is author of the book Understanding the Coconut Generation ( Sam wrote a weekly column “Family Matters”, for a leading Indian American newspaper for three years. Parivar International is involved in providing counseling, education, training and resources primarily to the families of the Indian American community.

Sam and Mary George have worked with couples going through difficulties in marriage. Based on their experience working with people seeking help in marriage, they have provided help in preparing for a lasting and fulfilling marriage. Some marriage may last a long time, but there is no intimacy or oneness in the relationship. Some other marriages may be very hot, but lack the stamina to make it last a lifetime. Here in this book lies the secret to not only making marriage last, but also make it mutually fulfilling. Sam and Mary draws from Biblical covenental understanding of marriage and share how to build a Christ-centered relationship and God-honoring home.

Don’t plan for your wedding, without reading Before the Wedding Bells book. If you are a newlywed, Sam & Mary will helps you lay a solid foundation for deeply satisfying and God-honoring marital relationship.

Sam and Mary George has an important message that every engaged and newlywed couple must read!

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