Worst of the two evils: Divorce or Homosexuality

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Which is worse than other – no-fault divorce or homosexuaity? According to Dr. Stephen Baskerville, professor of political science at Patrick Henry College and author of Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family, the Government, “no-fault divorce is a greater threat than gay ‘marriage.’ See the report in Philly Bulliten.

He says, “… family breakdown is the major engine driving domestic government expansion and spending: crime, substance abuse, educational failure, law enforcement.” When family breaks up everyone looses – children, community, society and the nation.

He claimed that the government promotes family breakdown through “a panoply of destructive laws” linked to divorce. Unlike cultural threats to the family, divorce is a government regime,” he stated. “It is not eroding the family; it is quite deliberately dismantling it.”

He accusing the govenment for much of the problems in the family scene. Isn’t the people who chose these social liberal politican to legislate such laws? Government is simply responding to problems created by the culture. By attacking the family, government is creating the very problems it claims to be solving.

Both divorce & gay marriage are destructive for a healthy society. There is no point in justifying one in comparison to other. Both are public assualt on institution of family by the liberal Western soceity. This cultural decay and moral undermining will cost us dearly in the years to come.

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