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Did you know over 10 percent of all marriage proposals in the United States takes place on the Valentine’s day? Love is in the air these days. VDay is big business for flowers, cards, jewelry, chocolate and whatever that spells l-o-v-e!

Love is big business. The National Retail Federation says the average consumer will spend around $115 this Valentine’s Day, an increase of 12 percent from last year. Forbes estimates that throbbing hearts will spend $17 billionon Valentine’s Day this year.Flower sales alone are estimated at $1.7 this year. 8 billion candy hearts are produced every year; the leading candy company estimates it will 1.5 billion of those lip-smacking chocolate Kisses on Valentine’s Day. This is second most paper card sending (after Christmas) seaon in the year; with the leading card maker designing over 2000 type of VD cards. Las Vegas holds nearly 250 wedding on regular days, but on VD it shot up to nealry 1800 in 2009!

Store aisles get painted pink and red. Everything from cereal boxes to clothing get branded for this special day. It is hard to get a hotel reservation or movie tickets. Even in a cold wintery weather one can find couples hand in hand inside and outside malls and everywhere!

Match making is big around this time of the year. From casual friendly introduction to professional brokers are welcome for the lonely souls. Dating serviceand marriage brokerage have gone online which is estimated to multibillion dollar business.Skype chats and FB messages also spike on this special day. Not to mention cell phone texts and twitter messages!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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