Marriage Prep in India

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Last few weeks, I had been unusally busy with routine (but very important) year end activities of Parivar International. Next week, we are off to India and so had to finish a ton of things before I leave here. I would be visiting some of the stores that carry the wedding bells book in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ernakulum. If you live in any of those cities, please check with OM Bookstores about Wedding Bells book signing! Hope to see you there.

Also I had been thinking about what marriage prep efforts goes on in India. Surely lots of weddings are conducted every year, but are there any marriage prep initiatives being done and what are their results.  Then I came across news report about Snehalaya – a Mumbai based Catholic charitable organization conducting regular marriage prep for engaged couples.

The news article titled ‘Learn the Rules of Games’ appeared this week in NDTV. I was very excited about the report and learn about their finding how marriage prep courses helps families. In fact, the course has even been made mandatory before  couple can get married in the church. Prevention is surely better than Cure!

Way to go, Snehalaya. I am very pleased with your efforts and commitment to help people get married well and stay married.

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