After the Wedding Bells

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Coming soon… sequel to the Before the Wedding Bells. Obviously, it is called After the Wedding Bells.

It is written for newly marrieds, especially those in their honeymoon years. It could be a year or a few years, at least before the parenting phase. Get your copy or pass one to a new married couple.

Why did we write another book on marriage? In recent years, we saw several newly marrieds struggle and even breakup only months after their big day. Reasons vary. We got to talk with several of them to understand what caused the early disillusionment in their marriages. We also wondered what could be told or how they could press through challenges facing the newlyweds.

Several of our friends, who are married for more than a decade (some even two), have read through the draft manuscript and many of them told us how they wished they had read this book when they got married. We also wished someone had given us these and other counsel needed for building a healthy marital relation immediately after the wedding. We wanted to share with our younger brothers and sisters all the lessons we have learned from our marriage and those we have helped through ministries.

After the Wedding Bells follows exactly similar format. Written by Sam & Mary George and Published by Authentic Media (OM Books), Hyderabad, India. The book contains 12 chapters with relational exercises for each chapter. Something you could do regularly to build a healthy and strong marriage relationship in your honeymoon year!

Expected release date: December 2016

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